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Founded in 2011, Metric Construction is a family run bricklaying contractor by Michael Springthorpe who served a three year bricklaying apprenticeship with HARRY NEAL, one of the biggest private builder's in London. Michael has worked on many small and large projects in and around London; TOBACCO DOCK, THE GLA BUILDING, TOTTENHAM FOOTBALL GROUND, MILLENNIUM DOME, THE O2, WOOLWICH BARRACKS, THE OLYMPICS, just to name a few of the large projects. He decided to start on his own in 2001 building garden walls, extensions, and houses. However when the recession came in 2007 Mr Springthorpe had to go back on site, working for some of the largest brickwork subcontractors in the London Area; LANDMARK, LEE MARLEY, FLAHIVE, RAPID. Then in 2011 the work started to pick up he decided to start again on his own. Beginning with small job's and now getting bigger and bigger. He now works alongside his sons Kenny and Alfie, both bricklayers. Michael has gained a strong reputation as a reliable, hard-working, and most importantly, punctual Construction company. We strive in our work and have provided a lot of happy clients with a variety of projects to a very high standard. We only use fully qualified tradesmen that are trained in there profession, with a minimum qualification of NVQ/CITY AND GUILDS and CSCS registered. We guarantee all of our work and are very adaptable to any situation put in front of us. All work carried out is done so within budget and on time. We specialize in a large variety of Construction works, in all shapes and sizes; whether the client would prefer to have price work or day work. We can supply tradesmen for small projects, even for just one or two days, all our jobs are fully insured with public liability insurance to £1,000,000. our projects include the following:-

  • ALL Brickwork
  • Extensions
  • Garden Walls
  • Drives
  • Patios
  • Garages
  • Pointing
  • Plastering
  • New Builds
  • Pointing
  • Fencing
  • Ponds

No job is too big or small. For a free estimate please use the Contact Us page to get in touch.


Building extensions has become a large part of our work, customers are taking advantage of the relaxed Planning Permission rules which, as of 2008, the government changed the planning regulations to allow many more household projects to go ahead without the need to apply for planning permission.

You can extend without an application for planning permission so long as you don't cover more than half the area of land around the original house. For planning purposes 'original house' means as it was first built, or as it stood at 1 July 1948 if it's older than that. Don't forget, too, that any existing extension by the house's previous owner(s) counts towards the total allowance.

Your extension shouldn't be forward of the principal elevation of the house, ie the front, but also shouldn't be forward of the side of the house if this is what fronts the road. For more information on these regulations click here. for the planning portal PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL US FOR FREE ADVISE ON HOW EASY YOU CAN BUILD A EXTENSION ON PERMITTED DEVELOPMENT WITHOUT THE NEED FOR PLANNING PERMISSION (SUBJECT TO BUILDING CONTROL) AND GET YOUR DREAM HOME 

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